a simple slack weather bot

it’s been really hot in Los Angeles recently, and i realised i was switching back to my web browser from the Slack app to find out the current temperature downstairs an awful lot before leaving the office.

i realised that a /weather command would far more efficient. say hello to slack-weather-bot.

a simple golang backend that take a request for /weather?zip=NNNNN and then posts a quick one-liner of current conditions back to you on Slack. enjoy.


slack useragent checker

are you curious if your [corporate] Slack users are logging into Slack using a Slack desktop or mobile app, or if they’re just using the Slack webpage? here’s some example code to call the slack team.accessLogs API to output which of your Slack users are not using a desktop or mobile Slack app.


Slack Team Directory Bot

stable release of Slack Team Directory Bot.


what is Slack Team Directory Bot? you get a Slack /slash command that lets you search your Slack Team Directory quick as a flash.

below screenshot shows example response to a Slack trying to find someone in your accounting department by typing:


within slack:



  • you deploy a go backend app to Google Appengine that responds to…
  • a custom Slack /slash command that you create in Slack