who: rick tait.

what i do: principal systems engineer for ~$250m revenue internet company in los angeles.

sometimes: i write code.

current focus: GCP, Identity Management, Self-Service Everywhere, Standards Standards Standards!

where: hollywood, ca.

why: i dislike the weather in England.

favourite film(s): bullitt. the duellists. russian ark. strangelove. 2001. barry lyndon.

favourite book/writers/etc: the seven pillars of wisdom, t.e. lawrence. hp lovecraft. the hitch. martin amis.

i like: non-sequiturs. the california mountains. convertibles. medieval architecture. stained glass windows. the smell of books.

i dislike: impolite people. upper case.

favoured footwear: boot.

life outlook: seinfeldian.

contact me: rickt @ rickt.org

obligatory photo: