slack useragent checker

are you curious if your [corporate] Slack users are logging into Slack using a Slack desktop or mobile app, or if they’re just using the Slack webpage? here’s some example code to call the slack team.accessLogs API to output which of your Slack users are not using a desktop or mobile Slack app.

package main
import (
type SlackAccessLog struct {
Status bool `json:"ok"`
Logins []SlackAccessLogEntry `json:"logins"`
PagingData SlackAccessLogPaging `json:"paging"`
type SlackAccessLogEntry struct {
UserID string `json:"user_id"`
Username string `json:"username"`
DateFirst int64 `json:"date_first"`
DateLast int64 `json:"date_last"`
Count int `json:"count"`
IP string `json:"ip"`
UserAgent string `json:"user_agent"`
ISP string `json:"isp"`
Country string `json:"country"`
Region string `json:"region"`
type SlackAccessLogPaging struct {
Count int `json:"count"`
Total int `json:"total"`
Page int `json:"page"`
Pages int `json:"pages"`
// helper func to do a case-insensitive search
func caseinsensitivecontains(a, b string) bool {
return strings.Contains(strings.ToUpper(a), strings.ToUpper(b))
var (
page int = 1
pages int = 101
token string = "REDACTED"
slackurl string = ""
func main() {
var sal SlackAccessLog
// 100 pages of JSON max from the team.accessLogs Slack API
for page := 1; page < pages; page++ {
// build the url
url := fmt.Sprintf("%s?token=%s&page=%d", slackurl, token, page)
// create the request
req, err := http.NewRequest("GET", url, nil)
if err != nil {
log.Fatal("error: %s", err)
// create the http client
client := &http.Client{}
// get the response
response, err := client.Do(req)
if err != nil {
log.Fatal("error: %s", err)
defer response.Body.Close()
// decode the JSON response into our SlackAccessLog var
if err := json.NewDecoder(response.Body).Decode(&sal); err != nil {
// range through this page of the response and ignore Slack App/Android/iPhone useragents
for _, dj := range sal.Logins {
if !(caseinsensitivecontains(dj.UserAgent, "Slack_SSB") || caseinsensitivecontains(dj.UserAgent, "Android") || caseinsensitivecontains(dj.UserAgent, "iPhone")) {
tm := time.Unix(dj.DateLast, 0)
fmt.Printf("%s\t%s\t%s\n", dj.Username, tm, dj.UserAgent)