Hussar bascinet, 18th century, Poland

“The main part of the helmet (the skull) with a hemispherical shape is topped with a rosette and a knob. To the sides of the bell, there are attached wings with radial ribs and heart-shaped cut-outs. The peak of a triangular shape has a notch for a nasal bar of a leaf-shaped ending, protecting part of the face, and retained by a wing screw. The helmet has a neck guard and cheekpieces with heart-shaped ear openings.

A Hussar bascinet was a type of helmet commonly used by the troops of the Polish Hussars, similar to the pappenheimers used in Western Europe. Usually, it was decorated similarly to the Hussar armour – with trimmings and appliqué motifs of brass stamped with geometrical ornaments. There were a few variants of this helmet: with a tip on the top, a high crest, or fan-like wings on the skull (the latter was popular in the first half of the 18th century, during the Saxons’ reign).” (source)

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